ZŁOTA 44’s facade: the perfect marriage of visual appeal and functionality

The facade is a vitally important part of a building, often revealing much about its interior. Regardless of the concept, the facade should reflect the building’s functions. British philosopher Roger Scruton said that the facade is the face of the building, something that stands before us and contains its whole expression.

Nowadays facades are designed to reflect the overall concept of the building. Technological progress, modern materials, innovative construction methods and socio-cultural changes have all contributed to the changing form of the facade, the design of which has become a complex interdisciplinary process. To quote Vitruvius, a genius architect in ancient Rome, “Architecture is to keep three principles: durability, utility and beauty”. Centuries later, these words have not lost their relevance, and the facade of ZŁOTA 44 meets all of the proposed criteria.

The facade of ZŁOTA 44 reflects the quality of living in the building and gives it a unique appeal. The exterior has been executed with great precision and attention to every detail. In addition to the visual appeal, this also affects the comfort of living. With its innovative cladding, the facade of ZŁOTA 44 blocks out intense sunlight, preventing the rooms from heating up. In addition, the exterior technology will offer optimal sound insulation – the frenetic buzz of the city centre will not upset the silence inside the apartments. The functionality of the exterior of ZŁOTA 44 has multiple aspects – the facade also meets the most stringent standards of environmentally friendly construction. ZŁOTA 44 is the first triple-glazed apartment building in Poland, with the glazing technology reducing energy consumption by 20%. The shape of ZŁOTA 44 is irregular – the irregularly arranged windows and the original form of the building give each of its 287 apartments a unique layout and shape. Thanks to the functional facade of ZŁOTA 44, its future residents will enjoy modern and intimate living spaces.

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